Curriculum Based Brain Training (CBBT)


Curriculum Based Brain
Training Programme

The Purpose :

Developing Logical Reasoning & Critical Thinking skills of a student in a structured way, by adopting a scientifically designed curriculum and well designed guided path.

The Pattern :

To begin with, every student undergoes a diagnostic aptitude test.

  • The curriculum is divided spread over chapters for each class.
  • With every chapter, one explanatory video and an e-book is provided.
  • The student can understand the chapter much better with the help of the video and e-book.
The Process :

Two days after watching of the video, Drill 1 is made available to the student. The student takes the drill, which is in a multiple choice question format, with 4 options per question. For every question, 2 chances are offered for selecting the correct option. Once a question has been attempted, its solution is displayed and explained through a video with animations and voice over. Almost 80% of the questions are supported by video-based solutions.

Drill 2 is released after the next 2 days and
Drill 3 is released after the following 2 days.

After Drill 3, Critical Thinking booster is introduced to the student. It’s an e-book (downloadable), which contains interesting puzzles, brain games, hands-on problem-solving activities, and covers various topics to enhance 10 different key skills.

The same pattern is adopted for all chapters.

The Result:

This structured and guided journey results in a lot of positive developments in students.

  • Gamified Interface.
  • Scientific Approach.
  • Screen-time made sensible.
  • Increased attention span.
  • Enhanced Cognitive skills.
  • Quicker information processing.
  • Better Logical Thinking & Reasoning.
  • Stronger Decision making & Planning skills.
  • Clearer understanding of curriculum.
  • Consistent scoring of higher marks.
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