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Developing Logical Reasoning & Critical Thinking skills of a student in a structured way, by adopting a scientifically designed curriculum and well designed guided path.

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ILRO- Exam Rules

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Exam Pattern

The ILRO is a single-level exam, conducted online, with questions offering a multiple choice for a single answer.

Device : The exam can be taken using a Desktop, Laptop or a hand-held device like a Mobile Phone.

The exam should be taken by logging in at

It is advised to have a broadband internet connection for a smooth, hassle-free connectivity.

Once started, the exam timer continues to tick and cannot be paused. No extra time is provided against issues related to internet connectivity and/or those related to power supply/outages.

Test Duration : 1 hour

Total Number of Questions to be attempted : 40

Classes 1 to 7   View ILRO Sample Questions

Allocation of Marks :
Logical Reasoning 25
Problem solving 10
Critical Thinking 05

Each question is offered with 4 options (a multiple choice), for selecting a single answer.

Granting marks

Pattern for granting/giving marks

One (1) mark is granted/given for every correct answer.

There is no negative marking for wrong answers.


Pattern for ranking

When more than one student gets an equal top score, priority for awarding ranks is according to the marks gained in the order of sections (Logical Reasoning, Problem Solving & Critical Thinking) in the question paper.

In case of a tie in deciding a rank because of equal marks, the time taken for completing the test is considered for deciding the rank. One who has completed the exam in less time than the other(s), gets the upper rank.

International Rank provided to all the students who score a minimum of 30% in the test.



Under normal conditions, the results will be declared 25 days after the test and within 30 days.

Every student gets a ‘Certificate of Participation’ digitally, after the results are declared.



The exam being online and the results being a direct reflection of the input recorded in the system, rechecking is ruled out.

Students can use pencil/pen and paper during the exam, for rough work.

Please ensure that you take the exam alone, all by yourself. A parent is requested to act as a supervisor for the test and see that the exam is taken in a fair manner.

Students can use pencil/pen and paper during the exam, for rough work.

Syllabus followed for all the classes :


Logical reasoning

Topics include: Verbal Intelligence, Numerical competence, Visual-spatial Perception, Classification ability, Analytical skills


Problem Solving

Topics include: Fluid reasoning, Mathematical literacy, scientific literacy, Trouble-shooting, Analysis and Design


Critical thinking

Topics include: Data analysis, Critical reading, Data sufficiency, Decision making

Awards and Rewards

A) The Top 3 Rankers of each class are awarded a cash prize of Rs.5000, Rs.3000 and Rs.2000 each respectively and subscription of Curriculum Based Brain Training (CBBT) programme worth Rs.1500 for all.

B) Rankers 4 to 10 of each class are each awarded a cash prize of Rs.1000 and subscription of Curriculum Based Brain Training (CBBT) programme worth Rs.1500.

C) Rankers 11 to 100 of each class are each awarded a subscription of Curriculum Based Brain Training (CBBT) programme worth Rs.1500.

D) Rankers 101 to 200 of each class are each awarded a 75% discount on subscription of Curriculum Based Brain Training (CBBT) programme worth Rs.1500.

Note: Ranks are declared only for the students who score marks above 60% and are presented with Awards & Rewards.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you are not able to start your exam at the designated time, you will still need to finish it within the time left from the allotted time-range, as it will end as per its scheduled time.

No. This being an exam held internationally, there is no scope/provision for a second chance, if you miss the exam for any reason whatsoever.

Once registered, your registration cannot be cancelled, and there is no possibility of a refund of fees paid.